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Japanese Holidays
1 In Japan, there are two holidays specially dedicated to children.
2 The first one is Girl's Day, celebrated on March 3rd. It is also known as “Doll's Festival” or “Peach Blossom Festival”.
3 The second one is Boy's Day, celebrated on May 5th. It is also known as “Children's Day”

Let's learn a bit about the origins and traditions of these two interesting holidays.

Nearly one thousand years ago, parents in Japan believed that any misfortune (such as evil spirits, illness, or bad luck) that might be cast on their children could be gotten rid of on March 3rd.

4 They also believed that such misfortune could be transferred onto paper dolls. Hence, before March 3rd arrived, they made paper dolls, with each paper doll representing one of their loved ones.

5 Then, on the very day of March 3rd, parents brought the paper dolls to a riverbank and set them afloat down the stream. As each paper doll was released into the water, it took misfortunes away from the child that it stood for.

True or False.

1. _____Girl´s Day is the first celebration dedicated to children.
2. _____Paper dolls represent their loved ones.
3. _____Paper dolls were released in the mountains.

Answer these questions:
1.How many holidays are dedicated to children?
2. When are they celebrated?
3. What did parents believe?
4. When could they get rid of it?
5. Where did parents go?

Japanese Cranes

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